Our products are made from the by-product of the sugar making process. The left-over sugarcane is turned into a pulp and pressed using high heat into various types of table-ware. This process is 0-waste, recycling into use any leftover sugarcane that does not make it into the product. These pieces are compostable in 90-days and biodegradable in 1-year. Additionally they are microwave and freezer safe.

An advantage of BamLeaf products is the process by which the table-ware is made oil and water resistant. Traditionally, most disposable table-ware is first molded, and then a thin coating is applied to the surface of the products. BamLeaf products, however, use a different manufacturing process that mixes the coating into the material. This lets you heat and eat from these products with the comfort and knowledge that your food has never come into direct contact with anything else when using BamLeaf products. 

Take-away Series

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